Trees that Raised me

Beneath their shady boughs, the neem, copper pod, jamun, sampige, gooseberry and many more trees in Annaiah and Ammaaji’s flourishing garden, raised two entire generations of children as they played, squabbled, made-up, laughed, cried and eventually grew up and moved out of this cosy haven to the wide world beyond.

Drought, Deluge and the Death of a Tree

When a banyan is felled to make up for crop loss, who compensates the squirrels, the hornbills, barbets and the bee-eaters, parakeets, mynas, the wasps and the bees, and so many more beings for the colossal loss they suffer??

Electrified by M. Swamy

People-watching has been a favourite pass time ever since I can remember. Our farm in rural Nanjangud proffers enough opportunities to nurture this hobby of mine, and offers a ring­-side…

Our Family and Other Animals

The Gerald Durrell-inspired title probably gives away the theme of this post. So here goes….. School vacations are busy periods at Navilu Kaadu. The Dasara and Christmas vacations late last…

Elephants of Sakrebyle

This article is the unedited version of the final travelogue published on JLR Explore, the official blog of Jungle Lodges and Resorts here.  My earliest memories of elephants are thankfully…

A ‘Soree’ Affair

An edited version of this article was published in the ‘Humour’ column of the November 4th, 2018 print and online editions of Sunday Herald, the Sunday supplement of Deccan Herald….