Welcome to Blue Jay Diaries.

Ruminations on sustainability, climate friendly agriculture, intriguing creatures, ecology, environment, people, places and some more, find a place here.

This blog is the namesake of one of my favourite birds, the iridescent Indian Roller or the Indian Blue Jay, the state bird of Karnataka, my home in India.

An environmental engineer-turned-software marketer, I switched gears  from the corporate side to independent consulting after over a decade and a half with software product companies.

Farming though, is my first love. Together with my family, I run Navilu Kaadu, a zero-chemical natural farm on the outskirts of Mysuru. We loosely follow the Subhash Palekar Natural Farming philisophy. Navilu Kaadu is helping us realize our dream of growing our own food, experimenting with regenerative agriculture and sharing the land with all its critters, in a small way. It is a modest attempt at restoring the land into a biodiverse food forest for all sorts of beings that seek refuge.

Natural farming aside, writing, deep dense forests, mountain streams and winged beauties make up the rest of my love interests.

I write a monthly column, ‘Rooting For Nature’ in Deccan Herald, the beloved newspaper I grew up with, about nature and our farming exploits as a family. Visit the ‘Rooting For Nature’ page on this blog to read the published columns. Unedited versions of these articles are on the ‘Home’ page with a few more images that don’t make it to the print column owing to space constraints.

Hope you enjoy the read. Thanks for stopping by.




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