A Golden Harvest

Turmeric tubers being spread out for drying

On a sweltering summer’s afternoon, I drove around frantically, popping in and out of villages in Navilu Kaadu’s vicinity. A pair of boys barely out of their teens led the…

A Tangy Harvest

Nest of a purple-rumped sunbird

This post appeared as ‘Tangy Tips from the Tamarind,’ an article for ‘Rooting For Nature,’ my monthly column in Deccan Herald. I am sharing it here with more images. The…

Drought, Deluge and the Death of a Tree

When a banyan is felled to make up for crop loss, who compensates the squirrels, the hornbills, barbets and the bee-eaters, parakeets, mynas, the wasps and the bees, and so many more beings for the colossal loss they suffer??